Monday, October 16, 2006


laundromat, originally uploaded by miracle bubbles.

Had to stop by a laundromat today to wash the towels for the bar. Upon walking in I was greeting by a gentleman slamming his fist against the Pepsi machine and yelling at it. Seems he couldn't get his beverage of choice and had failed to notice the little orange light that was trying to tell him his selection was not in the machine at the time. Poor guy was really upset he couldn't get it. Later he recieved a call and stated yelling into the phone that he didn't have the 200 bucks and to leave him alone. He actually used a few cruder words in the exchange. I played my DS while I waited and another guy change some strings on his guitar.


flush puppy said...

Shoulda got a photo of mad pepsi guy, too. And why does Blogger make you type these wierd words as security when you can hardly read the letters in the first place?!

Butter Goats said...

I set it this way because I was getting tired of deleting all the spam messages. Sorry for making you jump through the hoops.

Lefty said...

it's kind of weird that you're communicating with each other via blog comments, anyway. what's going to happen when you have a big house with all kinds of rooms and garage space to hide in?


Lefty said...

all i have to say is, "zvwtufx!"