Saturday, September 30, 2006


fender, originally uploaded by miracle bubbles.

Tattoo day today. Christopher just got new fenders for his bicycle. I sold my bike three weeks ago and am ready for a new one. Such a crap time of year to buy a new bike. Soon it will be dark and raining until April. I'm going to try a 55 cm tomorrow. Wish me luck.....

Friday, September 29, 2006


flair, originally uploaded by miracle bubbles.

A cup of Rainier flair. Take one. I have a couple thousand of them now. One is on my Timbuk2 bag, that I was looking at while waiting in line at QFC. After staring at it for a good 5 minutes I realized the line was not moving. Why not? Well it seems a couple had decided to buy a pre-made sandwich and a liter of Pepsi with change. They thought it was funny until they didn't have enough change and tried to count it over and over to see if they could make it work. Finally they opted to not get the Pepsi, only the sandwich. Walking across the parking lot I overheard the male say to the female, "man I'm thirtsy".

Thursday, September 28, 2006


fall, originally uploaded by miracle bubbles.

Got out of the car today and was assaulted by leaves. WTF? It was another 75+ degree day in Seattle. Apparently the trees don't care and fall has started. I'm ready for the rain so the panhandler kids will move south for the winter.